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"Those who use qualitative research well, know that the secret to such work is the ability to unlock the human mind and discern the underlying marketing truths that are so often hidden. Dr. Frieden is without parallel in his ability to interact with any group and lead them to the revelation of those truths. Dr. Frieden is my path to real consumer insight."
Terence Rooke, The Rooke Group
Formerly Executive VP, Strategic Planning & Research, BBDO South


“Whenever we need to conduct qualitative research, Gary is the first one we think of.  His high-energy moderating style ensures that all respondents stay engaged to the last. And, he’s a very smart guy who gets marketing, which makes for very actionable research reports and which saves a lot of valuable time and money on those occasions when one has to make a course correction in the middle of a focus group.”
Brad Haley, Executive VP Marketing
Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s Restaurants


"The real magic Gary brings is his ability to connect both with his respondents and clients. His relaxed, yet strategic approach charms even the most difficult folks in the front or back room, giving him the power to flush out insights and convincingly connect them to the issues at hand."
Carl Heller, Senior Vice President / Brand Planner


"Gary displays great sensitivity to questioning people with chronic illness. He relates extremely well to people of all ages and nationalities. His clear and non-confrontational manner encourages excellent discussion. As a result, our focus group results are most helpful to the work we are doing."
Sandra Dewar, RN, MS
Clinical Director, Seizure Disorder Center, David Geffen School of Medicine - UCLA

"Gary approaches each assignment with enthusiasm and professionalism. His findings capture insights and observations that assist us in properly positioning our clients for maximum impact."
Agnes Huff, Ph.D., Agnes Huff Communications Group, LLC


"Gary is much more than a just a moderator, he is a true partner. I can't tell you how many times I have thought of a question to ask the group while sitting in the back room, and within seconds, Gary asks the question! Uncanny! He's always in tune with clients' issues. I also love his style with the respondents - much more of a relaxed discussion instead of questions and answers. Respondents in turn are comfortable with giving him personal information (for example, sensitive banking experiences), and that provides clients with extremely valuable and especially actionable consumer feedback."
Allan Hauptfeld, Vantage
Former Research Director:
Nestlé USA, McKesson Products Co., First Interstate Bank

“Over the years, Gary's unique style and dynamic approach have generated fabulous insights about our customers and have helped us to fine tune our procedures. He's a valuable part of our research team!"
Gail Rodkin, Assistant Manager, Service Marketing American
Honda Motors


"Gary has exhibited some truly legendary service -- from his involvement with the initial project design through (literally) commandeering the resources to get through a snowstorm to get to groups on time. As a true professional, he understands the essence of the client's project and keeps the research firmly on target."
Frank Haas, Vice President Tourism Marketing Hawaii Tourism


"Gary Frieden's ability to moderate focus groups ranks up there with the best. Gary's background as a psychologist allows him to be able to put people at ease in the groups, and he is able to elicit opinions that go beyond surface feelings and move into a deeper realm. He is very effective at achieving the goals and objectives of the research -- and then some."
David Chill, Director of Marketing Research -


"Gary Frieden is one of the best focus group facilitators with whom I have ever had the pleasure of working. Over the course of several years, we have engaged Gary to conduct on-going studies of several of our consumer websites. His thoroughness, attention to detail and breadth of expertise consistently render a quality study, providing actionable insights into our consumers' wants and needs. We consider Gary and Frieden Qualitative Services to be an invaluable member of our product team." 
Suzan Fairchild, Senior Product Manager
Business-to-Consumer Marketing
eBusiness/Auto Operations Division
American Honda Motor Co., Inc.


"I have worked with Dr. Frieden on numerous occasions over the past two decades. While I find many reasons to respect his work, I especially appreciate his ability to help consumers open up and speak 'their truth.' In his focus groups and interviews, consumers feel respected and at ease with the process, such that Dr. Frieden is nimbly able to guide them to reveal the most critical information that clients really need to know. Whether doing focus groups with physicians, housewives, retirees on Medicare, teenagers or pet owners -- there is a commonality among all of his groups: an openness and comfort level that helps him delve right into the consumers' true needs and uncover the potential opportunities and pitfalls, that help make us, as marketers, just that much smarter."
Suzanne Rampton, Rampton Research
Formerly SVP, Director of Consumer Planning, J. Walter Thompson/L.A